We build the website your horse business deserves!

We provide innovative IT solutions tailored for equestrian businesses. As horse enthusiasts and digital experts, we ensure a seamless journey through your digital transformation.

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What we can offer you

  • Websites & Apps

    Enter the digital age with websites tailored for equestrians. We ensure your facility shines on every device, streamlining communications and attracting new customers.

    When you have bigger needs, we can also provide custom app solutions to manage your barn seamlessly.

  • Design & Branding

    Create a lasting impression with our equestrian-focused design and branding services. From elegant logos to cohesive color schemes, we tailor our solutions to capture the essence of your equestrian business.

    Our expertise extends to both digital and print media, ensuring your brand connects with the equestrian world.

  • Social Media

    Harness the power of social media with the help of our experts. We specialize in platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, crafting engaging content and efficient ad campaigns that resonate with your equestrian audience.

    Our approach not only saves you time but also offers a more cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods.

  • Photos & Videos

    Our experts capture the essence of your equestrian venture. Benefit from high-quality photo shoots, drone captures, and immersive 360° virtual stable tours.

    Elevate your brand with compelling imagery in today's digital era.

  • Online Shops

    Expand your reach with our e-commerce solutions. Sell beyond local markets, attracting a broader audience and international clients.

    We offer smooth online shopping experiences with tailored product displays, setting you up for online sales success.

  • Digitalizing Your Barn

    Embrace the future and equip your facility with technology that provides 24/7 insights into equine well-being.

    With facility-wide Wi-Fi, you can easily use innovative tools like cameras and real-time hay monitoring to act as vital safeguards, helping you prevent potential issues before they arise.

From Start to Finish: Our Process

  • Artwork: Grooming

    Explore & Ideate

    We begin by understanding your unique world and its challenges. We will tailor a plan that fits your needs 
and budget, ensuring every step resonates with you.

  • Artwork: Lunging

    Craft & Build

    Our dedicated and experienced team brings our vision to life, creating a result that truly captures the essence of your venture.

  • Artwork: Showjumping

    Evolve & Support

    Going public is just the start. We stand by you, helping your digital presence grow and ensure it stays a useful helper in your daily routines at the stables.

Our team

Hi there, I'm Benedikt. Growing up, the outdoors and the digital world both held a special place in my heart. Thanks to my family, I grew up around horses.

While my professional journey led me to craft digital solutions
 for over 15 years, I recognized the unique challenges the equestrian world faced online and digitally. I'm on a mission to change that.

Alongside a team of partners that understand the horse world, we're determined to elevate horse businesses in the digital arena.

Welcome to maneframe.horse, where digital meets the equestrian soul.

Benedikt with his horse Pegaso

What our clients say

  • For years, Benedikt has been our go-to for all things digital. He makes our services shine online and always finds clear answers to our questions. He consistently delivers solutions that resonate with our needs and help us grow.

    Susanne Ackel


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